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Pharmaceutical Grade Skin Care

By November 14, 2012 No Comments
Pharmaceutical Skin Care

It pains me to hear my clients talk about the professional product that they buy from department stores, drugstores or online. In Canada products have to pass certain codes to be considered pharmaceutical; these products change the DNA of the skin and are derived from it’s natural source (this is what we want) and are only allowed to be sold by professionally trained skin care therapists in spas or better yet medical spas. Any product that is purchased elsewhere is considered cosmeceutical, in other words they are the man-made chemical version (cheap version) of the goods. Over time these products will age and damage your healthy skin because as we all know our bodies are not meant to break down and absorb chemicals & processed foods.

Point blank; Finish your skin care products and replace them with any product line you can find at a salon, spa or better yet medical spa.

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