Gentleman, get the skin you want by removing those acne scars.

Make pigmented scars and red spots a thing of the past! That’s the effect of IPL laser treatment. Don’t spend time thinking about your skin’s imperfections and hiding that natural skin behind your facial stubble.

Sorry acne scars. IPL doesn’t like you.

IPL (intense pulsed light) is the non-invasive light treatment NuAGE uses to banish acne scars and diffuse redness. While it may sound futuristic, it’s actually a natural way to achieve healthy, even skin, as it works with your own internal healing response. By heating the abnormal pigment of the scars, the laser breaks them down into smaller particles, which are then eliminated by the body. Not only that, IPL will improve your overall skin tone and restore your glow with no downtime. At NuAge Laser we specialize in treating men with pigmented scars and uneven complexion.

Acne scars on face before laser treatment
Acne scars on face after laser treatment

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

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How does laser treatment work?

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How many sessions of laser for acne scars will I need?

A: In most cases, patients need about three sessions. Each session is scheduled four weeks apart to allow for optimal healing. In some instances, such as when pigmented acne scars have been present for more than two years, you may require additional treatments.

What does laser removal of acne scars feel like?

A: When the pulse of light is delivered, patients feel a mild heat or pinching sensation. The key word here is mild, so don’t worry. Your NuAGE Laser clinician will apply a cooling gel to keep you nice and comfy. Anesthesia and pain medicine are not required.

Why do my pigmented acne scars not go away?

A: During a breakout, white blood cells form around blemishes to heal them. At times, these blood cells harden and then hang out on the skin for an extended period of time creating pigmented acne scars.

Freshly pigmented acne scars can actually be treated with exfoliating techniques like a microdermabrasion facial, chemical peels or at-home exfoliants. However, laser therapy is ideal for removing scars that have been around longer than a year.

Will the acne spots and redness reappear over time?

A: Unfortunately new acne scars may appear with new breakouts and diffuse redness can crop up again with new sun damage. However, both are treatable so ease your mind. In order to prevent redness, be sure to slather on that broad-spectrum sunscreen (minimum SPF 30) on a daily basis.

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition and cannot be cured with any laser or light source. However, its appearance can be improved. Your NuAGE technician will give you all of the details at your consultation.

How does the laser remove acne scars?

A: The laser does its thing by revving up your body’s own natural healing process. When the pulse of light hits the skin, it causes the cluster of abnormal pigment (blood cells) to break apart. The body then absorbs the pigment. The heating of the blood cells is responsible for the therapeutic effect.

What areas of the body can be treated with laser removal of acne scars?

A: As if we didn’t mention enough reasons to love IPL, here’s one more: All areas affected by acne and acne scars may be treated. This includes common spots, such as the face, chest, shoulders and back. We can even treat acne scars due to shaving or waxing.