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The Ugly Truth About Makeup

By November 9, 2012 No Comments
MAC Makeup

I love MAC cosmetics, I worked at Mac for nearly 6 years and will forever be committed to their skin products, however, MAC stands for Makeup Artistry Cosmetics and it is just that.

Their product was originally made for TV, Film & Photography, the reason being products back 25+ years ago weren’t durable and would melt off the skin due to the heat that was being produced from film lighting.

I truly believe that their skin care, powders, and foundations are not very good for the skin for daily wear. I highly recommend them for special occasions as their products create the perfect blend of ingredients to make the skin appear smoother and silkier = picture perfect. However these ingredients actually cause congestion beyond belief if over used.

To this day I wear MAC for each and every special occasion and just love their lip and eye products for everyday!

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