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Bare Legs Up Laser Hair Removal

It’s 2020. Why haven’t you tried laser yet?!

Sunnier days are fast approaching and layers of clothing are quickly coming off, which means we will soon be baring it all for the world to see. Excited? Terrified? We’re here for you.


Whether you’ve been concealing unsightly spider veins on your legs or ghosting your razor this winter, we have solutions for you.

Thanks to our CUTERA laser, we’re able to safely and effectively remove all kinds of unwanted guests from your skin — our laser works on dark spots, veins, and unwanted hair. The key to any of these concerns is to be proactive!

If you read our blog on How to Get The Brightest Skin of Your Life, then you already know the down-low on brightening and ridding yourself of dark spots and uneven skin tone. But what about removing our unwanted or excessive hair and visible veins?

Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair and Spider Veins with Laser

When it comes to Laser Hair Removal, there is no time like to present to get started. Winter, fall and spring are particularly great times to get started with the process so that the (few) sunny months and beach-weather we get here in Vancouver don’t throw a wrench in the process.

So maybe you’ve considered laser hair removal already, but how does it actually work? Simply put, the laser targets the root of each individual hair to sever the blood supply thus killing the follicle. Harsh, we know. But if death of a hair is the cost of supremely smooth, hair-free, hassle-free skin, sign us up. There are four different types of laser that can be used for hair removal, and there is an ideal laser for each hair and skin type: IPL, Alexandrite, Diode, and Nd:YAG. Here at NuAGE Laser, we are driven by outstanding results which is why we have all laser types required for hair removal on all skin and hair types.

Forget ghosting, it’s time to toss your razor.

If the wrong laser is used, it can either skip right past the hair follicle or sometimes not even reach it. In those cases, your hairs may be singed or stunted but not effectively “killed”, so in other words the same hairs will come back. Laser hair removal is a progressively permanent hair removal method because it is only effective on “active” hairs (hairs that are still connected to the root or blood supply), and at any given time only 10-20% of the hairs we can see are in this phase. Bottom line: effectively treated hairs are gone for good.

Want the details on how many sessions you’ll need or some of the frequently asked questions? We’ve got the answers. Treat yourself and make a sustainable beauty choice you can feel good about.

Not sure if Laser Hair Removal is worth it? Read our breakdown on the economics of laser versus shaving and other methods.

Ok, but what about the more unsightly veins?

Whether it’s veins on your face or legs, laser can be used to rid you of these, too. Amazing, we know.

So how does THIS work? Sounds scary, but it’s actually just as easy and pain-free as Laser Hair Removal! Laser for Veins utilizes a 1064nm Nd:YAG laser which is super-duper attracted to our blood.

The laser machine works its magic by delivering pulses of light energy to the abnormal veins, which causes the blood within them to break apart and be naturally re-absorbed by your body. It destroys the vessel so that blood can’t coagulate there. Blood flow is redirected to veins deeper below your skin’s surface where it should be. When we perform spider and varicose vein laser treatment in Vancouver, we’re frequently asked, “If you get rid of the vein, what happens then? Where does it go? Will it affect my circulation?”

Is it safe to get rid of the vein with Laser?

Well, the vein was not working properly in the first place. Once the valves are unable to push the blood through it will actually cause a bit of a traffic jam. This puts pressure on the surrounding veins and they too can be damaged. Laser treatments prevent the condition from getting worse. The laser cauterizes, or closes, the vein with pulses of light energy so blood can no longer pool in it. The body reabsorbs the existing blood in the vein and blood flow is simply redirected to veins that run a little deeper in the skin.

It’s one of our favourite treatments to do at NuAGE Laser because you can see the spider and varicose veins disappear right before your eyes. The number of treatments needed depends on how large the vein is and, of course, your overall health. On average, we suggest approximately three sessions at four to 10 week intervals. Home care is the key to getting the most out of your treatments.

Here’s the real secret:

Prevention is always the #1 best solution when it comes to any condition in the skin. Our two biggest tips surrounding vein prevention and home care maintenance is through stimulating circulation through lymphatic drainage, massage and hot/cold showers, and increasing collagen and elastin production through supplements, skincare and treatments such as Microneedling.

Stay tuned for more on these points next month! In the meantime… 

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