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Can Melasma be Cured? We have the answers.

By September 17, 2019 No Comments
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Finally, a treatment for Melasma that is actually effective. No more old school brightening Vitamin C facials and chemical peels to treat your melasma. Allow us to waltz you into the 21st century, high-tech way of treating your Melasma.

If you’re someone that has spent way too long struggling with Melasma, we see you and we’re here for you. You know first hand just how frustrating this particular dark pigment can be. Investing thousands on product after product and constant treatments, seeing minimal to no change, or the cumulative hours upon hours spent trying to cover it up with concealers and foundation only then to look like you’re wearing a mask.

It’s frustrating as anything and can be devastatingly difficult to live with. Then worse, you’re met with everyone and their mother telling you that there is nothing that can be done to reverse it, and to get used to it sticking around from here on our.

But here we are, your Vancouver Texture + Tone Experts, ready to save your skin with the latest technologies the aesthetic industry has to offer. Say hello to Clear & Brilliant Permea treatment. If you’ve never heard of Clear & Brilliant, click here for an introduction to your new best friend.

Clear & Brilliant for Melasma

This laser is a gentle resurfacing treatment that corrects dark spots and hyperpigmentation, while also boosting radiance, refining pores and surface texture, as well as increasing collagen and elastin production. The Permea handpiece has received FDA approval specifically for the treatment of Melasma because it is a low-energy laser and is mild, yet incredibly effective. Clear & Brilliant Permea treatments are even suitable for treating dark spots and hyperpigmentation on dark skin tones.

If you’re looking for the best treatment for melasma, look no further. Not only is this laser for melasma incredibly effective, but it is backed by some pretty big names. Most notably, is Drew Barrymore, who continues to be a Clear & Brilliant enthusiast for her own Melasma treatment!

Unlike a lot of procedures touted in Hollywood, however, Clear & Brilliant is not an unattainable or unrealistic treatment for us every day people. In addition to improving your overall skin quality and being one of the most effective lasers for texture + tone, Clear & Brilliant Permea can offer results with zero social downtime. For an hour or so after your treatment, you’ll be pink and have a warm feeling to your skin, but within 24 hours you’ll be glowing. Check out MizzFit’s Experience the day after her first session, and how Clear & Brilliant cleared melasma for her!

Melasma treatments in Vancouver

Since treating melasma is one of the most common conditions that we treat, we know exactly how to put together a customized, comprehensive treatment plan that will address the external and internal components of ridding melasma for good.

Schedule a complimentary Skin Health Consultation today to get started!