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20 Instagram Accounts from Bloggers in Vancouver We Love

By August 21, 2017 No Comments
20 Instagram Accounts from Bloggers in Vancouver We Love

Considering we offer all things skin care, ranging from laser treatments to Botox in Vancouver, it’s probably no surprise the team here at NuAGE Laser is into aesthetics. It’s only natural we’d be huge fans of BC beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers. They’re a talented bunch. Most of our favourites also happen to have spectacular Instagram accounts, which is right up our alley. Whenever we need some style inspiration or a little bit of eye candy, we know exactly where to turn on the gram and we’re willing to share. These are the 20 Vancouver Instagram accounts from local bloggers we’re currently obsessing over:

1. @viranllyViranlly

A Vancouver blogger and men’s lifestyle influencer, has a passion for menswear, travel and mouthwatering meals. His Instagram is a carefully curated collection of his photography, which happens to be as chic as his perfectly tailored outfits. Whether he’s capturing architectural details or his latest ensemble, he puts his unique stamp on every image.

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2. @tovogueorbust

If you have a case of wanderlust, Alexandra Grant’s To Vogue or Bust blog and Instagram account will keep you enthralled for hours. Her Instagram is overflowing with vibrant shots of unbelievable scenery from around the globe. We admit to having some hair envy thanks to her ability to consistently achieve the perfect beachy waves.

3. @shardayengel

Sharday Engel is a Vancouver style blogger who’s originally from Australia. From her images to her outfits, everything is classic and typically in shades of black, white, gray and blue, with the occasional pop of pink, giving her account a modern, clean vibe.

A post shared by Sharday (@shardayengel) on

4. @girllovesgloss

Jaime of Girl Loves Gloss has absolutely mastered flat lay photography and her bright Instagram account features the most covetable products in the beauty world. She throws in the occasional selfie (those eyelashes!) to illustrate her makeup recommendations in action and she hasn’t steered us wrong yet.

A post shared by Jaime (@girllovesgloss) on

5. @aliciafashionista

Alicia Winnett is a Vancouver lifestyle blogger at Alicia Fashionista. She also has a dazzling Instagram account (and wardrobe). Her photos feature an abundance of natural light, pastel hues and travel and style inspiration.

6. @cosmeticproof

We’ve always loved Jayne Lim’s Vancouver beauty blog, Cosmetic Proof. The girl’s a skincare fanatic. What’s not to like? But when it comes to her Instagram account, it’s her nail art that really stands out. We’re talking about some next level creativity!

A post shared by Jayne Lim (@cosmeticproof) on

7. @raincouverbeauty

If you’re into makeup, travel and style, you need to be following this Vancouver beauty blogger’s gorgeous Instagram account. Angela of Raincouver Beauty (appropriate name, huh?), gets her hands on all of the best makeup, nail and skincare products, which we obviously love.

8. @herwaisechoice

Jen Tam blogs about style at Her Waise Choice and she’s a big proponent of paring down your closet and focusing on quality over quantity. She certainly carries this philosophy over to her Instagram. Her photos are minimalism at its best with uncluttered, impactful shots featuring neutral hues, fab clothes, and glimpses into her elegant life.

A post shared by Jen Tam (@herwaisechoice) on

9. @livingdisrobed

Want to know which makeup and skincare items are trending? Pop on over to this Instagram account for a beautiful visual guide to your next beauty must-haves. Not only does Victoria of Living Disrobed have impeccable taste and a good eye, she also hosts giveaways galore!

10. @thedailyvogue

Here’s another Vancouver Instagrammer with amazing flat lay skills. Klaudia, the stylish woman behind the account and the corresponding beauty and style blog, The Daily Vogue, has a stellar collection of makeup, skincare products and shoes and her images are sophisticated but still colorful and fun.

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11. @chelseaoliviaxo

Olive and Ivy is a fashionable, yet approachable, style blog run by the fabulous Chelsea. Her Instagram account is just as good with colorful pics of her latest beauty hauls, trips to exotic locales and cute outfits. She can seriously make something as unassuming as deodorant look joyful through her photography.

12. @stylingmylife

Alison Hutchinson’s Instagram is everything! It’s filled with images of her rocking one fantastic outfit after another set against breathtaking backdrops from all over the world. Check out her blog for behind-the-scenes commentary on a lot of the photos.

13. @samanthas.style

The Instagram account of Vancouver fashion and lifestyle blogger, Samantha Sito, is so vibrant. Her bold fashion sense takes center stage but these aren’t your run-of-the-mill #OOTD shots. Every picture is full of movement and color.

14. @krystintysire

Krystin Tysire of Girl in Betsey knows how to style an outfit. Her Instagram account is a huge source of fashion inspiration with a healthy dose of flowers, scenes from her travels, delicious meals and pretty products.

A post shared by Girl in Betsey (@krystintysire) on

15. @jonathanho1

Jonathan Waiching Ho, creator of the blog, Waiching’s Wall, is a self-proclaimed style ninja and we wholeheartedly agree. Most of the photos on his Instagram feature him (or the subject) in full color while the backgrounds are black and white making his outfits really pop. We totally appreciate that he sticks to his aesthetic and gives his photos a signature twist.

16. @urbanumbrella29

When glamorous Vancouverite Bree isn’t blogging at The Urban Umbrella, she’s posting stunning photos of her travels, beauty finds and, most importantly, her killer outfits. Her Instagram account draws you in with the right mix of color, texture and great lighting.

17. @sydneypower

Maybe it’s because she isn’t afraid to smile in her photos –or we just want to borrow her clothes – but Sydney seems like someone we’d want to be friends with. Her photos are beautiful and full of life, her outfits are cool and the Vancouver fashion blogger exudes positive vibes.

18. @rinasamantha

Rina’s Instagram looks like it was ripped from the pages of a glossy fashion magazine. Black, white and shades of pink are a common thread throughout a lot of her pictures giving her account a cohesive feel. Visit her blog, and she Dressed, to learn some of her style secrets.

19. @emmaleger

Emma Rose of the aptly named blog, West Coast Kinda Girl, is flawless! Her Instagram chronicles her outfits, travels and lifestyle. She can transition from glamorous and edgy to cute and casual like nobody’s business.

A post shared by Emma Rose (@emmaleger) on

20. @alicia_haque

Alicia hails from the UK and trekked all over the world before settling in Vancouver. Now the Go Live Explore blogger shares her adventures and love of fashion and healthy food with her fans on Instagram through her striking photos. Her account packs a punch with rich colors and an appreciation for nature.

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