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Smooth Skin, Happy Planet: How Laser Is Saving Our Landfills


Smooth Skin, Happy Planet: How Laser Is Saving Our Landfills

Did you know that the average woman spends 1,728 hours in her lifetime shaving? It’s no secret that vanity comes with a certain time commitment, and sometimes this commitment can feel more like a complete waste of time. You’re busy, you’ve got sh*t to do. Why waste your precious time on tedious beauty rituals like shaving?

As if the colossal waste of time wasn’t bad enough, to make matters even worse it’s estimated that 2 billion razors are thrown out every year, and since most disposable razors are not recyclable, many of those are ending up in our landfills. Unfortunately the cosmetic and beauty/hygiene industry is a big player in waste and damage to our environment, and shaving may just be one of the most wasteful parts in our beauty routine: You’re creating waste, wasting your time, and wasting your money. So how can you save on all of these fronts?

Ways to reduce your hair removal waste:

  1. Opt for a recyclable or reusable razor. If you do a bit of digging (or 2 seconds of Google sleuthing), you’ll be able to find a few companies that offer razors made from recycled plastics. Alternatively, you can reduce your waste by choosing a reusable razor. Neither of these options will eliminate waste, but they will reduce it which is still a plus!
  2. Learn to use a straight razor or safety razor. Not only will this look super badass, but you’ll get a great shave and since the blades are usually made with stainless steel, they’re super easy to recycle.
  3. Swap to an electric shaver. While it’s going to cost you a bit more up front, you’ll save in the long run. The extra, extra bonus of an electric shaver is that you’ll also be reducing water usage. Get extra #ecopoints by using a solar charger!
  4. Don’t shave. Ok, so maybe this isn’t exactly a realistic option, but it would definitely help landfills, your wallet and your spare time. Really want to make an impact? Help save the plant with laser hair removal. Want to know just how worth it it is? Click here for the economics of laser hair removal.

The high-tech, planet-saving method

So maybe you’ve considered laser hair removal already, but how does it actually work? Simply put, the laser targets the root of each individual hair to sever the blood supply thus killing the follicle. Harsh, we know. But if death of a hair is the cost of supremely smooth, hair-free, hassle-free skin, sign us up. There are four different types of laser that can be used for hair removal, and there is an ideal laser for each hair and skin type: IPL, Alexandrite, Diode, and Nd:YAG. Here at NuAGE Laser, we are driven by outstanding results which is why we have all laser types required for hair removal on all skin and hair types.

If the wrong laser is used, it can either skip right past the hair follicle or sometimes not even reach it. In those cases, your hairs may be singed or stunted but not effectively “killed”, so in other words the same hairs will come back. Laser hair removal is a progressively permanent hair removal method because it is only effective on “active” hairs (hairs that are still connected to the root or blood supply), and at any given time only 10-20% of the hairs we can see are in this phase. Bottom line: effectively treated hairs are gone for good.

Want the details on how many sessions you’ll need or some of the frequently asked questions? We’ve got the answers. Treat yourself and make a sustainable beauty choice you can feel good about.

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