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Retinol for Acne Scars and Resurfacing

By September 28, 2017 No Comments
Retinol for Acne Scars and Resurfacing

Retinol. You probably know you should be using it, and you’ve definitely heard the name thrown around constantly as a miracle ingredient, but what does it actually do and why do you need it so badly?! Well, for starters, this powerhouse is one of the most potent ingredients in the world of skincare. Retinol is a form of vitamin A that belongs to the flawless little family of retinoid chemical compounds. Still following? Good. If you’ve heard of Retin-A, tretinoin or tazarotene, you’re already familiar with retinol. Clinically proven to help stimulate cell regeneration and build new collagen, retinoids should be in everyone’s arsenal.

Retinol Isn’t a Complete Cakewalk

Being as effective as it is, many retinol users experience redness, irritation, peeling and light sensitivity. But fear not! We like to follow Dr. Obagi’s simple little mantra that goes, “If there is no reaction, there is no repair.” These reactions in our skin indicate cell repair is happening and are a natural response that will stop once normal skin health and function has been restored. It sucks, we know. We’ve been there, done that but we promise you’ll love us after you hate us for a bit. Keep in mind another of Dr. Obagi’s pearls of wisdom: “Results and comfort do not necessarily go hand-in-hand.” Want flawless skin? You’re gonna have to work for it, babe.

ZO® Medical to the Rescue

Now, when it comes to retexturizing the skin, we can’t get enough of ZO® Medical Retamax™ Active Vitamin A Micro Emulsion. We love this product so much because it helps with epidermal (the outer two layers of the skin) and dermal (deeper layers of the skin) stimulation to increase the production of new collagen. In other words, with this one product you can improve your skin’s texture, reduce the look of enlarged pores, diminish fine lines and wrinkles and lift pigmentation caused by sun damage or acne, all the while preventing future damage. But wait, it gets better…Retamax™ is also formulated with anti-inflammatory technology to reduce irritation, redness and flakiness. The biggest challenge in using retinol is simply the downtime. For example, prescription Retin-A is medical-based and so the skin sheds uncontrollably and becomes red and inflamed. What’s genius about Retamax™ is the anti-irritant properties allow you to continue use day after day with minimized side effects.

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Take Your Skincare Routine Up a Notch

Pair this incredible product with a resurfacing treatment like microneedling and you have a match made in heaven. Microneedling is a fractional resurfacing treatment where thousands of itty-bitty micro-channels are created within the epidermis and dermis with the goal of stimulating natural growth factors and re-healing the skin to improve texture and tone. By creating these controlled injuries in the skin, we’re jump starting an accelerated repair process and healing response, which naturally includes the production of new collagen giving a plumper, smoother appearance to the skin. Do you have scars and textural concerns? We covered how the treatment works for those here.

If you want smoother, brighter, healthier skin then you need Retamax™ in your life and, of course, adding microneedling to the mix will give you the ultimate dream team. For an even more advanced and complete routine, we’re obsessed with the ZO® Texture Improvement System to reverse the signs of aging and textural concerns.

1. CleanseOily: Oilacleanse
Dry: Exfoliating Cleanser
All: Hydrating Cleanser
Apply a pea-sized amount to damp skin and massage in for 40-60 seconds to stimulate lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.
2. ScrubOily: Vitascrub
Dry: Exfoliating Polish
Apply a pea-sized amount to dry skin and massage scrub in for 40-60 seconds. Allow to sit for 1 minute as hydrators and oils are absorbed.
3. Oil ControlOily: Cebatrol or TE Pads
Dry: Balatone
Use 1/2 of a pad morning and night. Avoid eye area and do not rinse off.
4. TreatGlycogentApply a pea-sized amount all over.
5. TreatBrightaliveApply a pea-sized amount all over.
6. TreatDaily Powder DefenseApply a pea-sized amount all over.
7. TreatRetamaxApply a pea-sized amount all over. May be mixed in equal parts with Restoracalm as needed to soothe and calm skin.
8. TreatRestoracalmApply a pea-sized amount all over, as needed.
9. ProtectSun ProtectionApply generously. Reapply every 1-2 hours.

Still feeling lost? We’ve got you. Book your complimentary skin health consultation with one of the NuAGE Laser experts and let us come up with a fully customized, comprehensive skin care and treatment plan specifically tailored to you. We offer a complete range of cutting-edge treatments and products including ZO™ Skin Health in Vancouver to whip your complexion into shape and give you dramatic, head-turning results.