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Our Favourite Lifestyle Experts in Vancouver

By November 2, 2015 No Comments

Vancouver is renowned for its laid-back culture and west coast relaxed atmosphere. Over the years, this attitude has crept into the city’s fashion culture as yoga pants, gumboots, and all manner of casual wear have become acceptable in nearly every setting.

In the past, Vancouverite’s have cared less about statement handbags, high heels and fashionable accessories like designer sunglasses. It’s also often argued that the city also has a long way to go to match the fashion rep of places like London, Milan, Paris, New York and Tokyo. But if you pay close attention to Vancouver’s streets, you can see that things are starting to change. Events like Vancouver’s Fashion Week along with a healthy and rising number of Vancouver-based fashion and lifestyle blogs are ushering the call for a better-dressed and stylish Vancouver. Here’s a list of my favourite Vancouver fashion & style blogs.

Her Waise Choice


Jen Tam is one of my favourite Vancouver fashion bloggers because of the dedication she has exhibited on her blog. Featuring stylish wear using unique and high-quality photography has kept her readers coming back. Jen’s motto is: “… you can be stylish without being superficial, on-trend without being a slave to fashion and look good without looking down on others.” Sounds pretty great to me!

Lilyanne Nguyen


Originally known as Bleed for Fashion, Lilyanne Nguyen’s website has mastered the art of fashionable visualization. Look no further for proof of this than her amazing 365 days of happiness project. What I love most about her blog is the frequent and consistent high-quality posts that feature her fantastic personal style. I’m not sure if she’s also responsible for the taking and editing of photos on her site, but give that person a raise!

Olive & Ivy


Chelsea Olivia is the young blogger behind this incredible site that specializes in documenting all things beauty, style and fashion in Vancouver. The thing is, if you’re going to run a beauty and lifestyle blog, you have to have a highly developed style that permeates everything you do. In this case, Chelsea has transferred her personal love of a clean aesthetic into blog posts that are not only a pleasure to read but to also to look at.

To Vogue or Bust


Started in 2010 by Alexandra Grant, To Vogue or Bust is probably Vancouver’s most well-known fashion and lifestyle blog. While the focus of the blog has shifted somewhat in recent years To Vogue or Bust continues to deliver high-value and visually stunning posts like The Definitive Carry-On Packing List and this one that’s particularly useful for Vancouverite’s beach dwellers that still want to look good: Beach to Street Style.

Little Fashionisto


M’ckenneth Licon is the man behind Little Fashionisto, a hint about the blogger’s diminutive physical stature and his frustrations that a size five men’s shoe is unheard of in Vancouver. His blog is anything but, and with his large social media following Little Fashionisto covers the local style scene and store openings like the recently opened Dior Boutique Vancouver. Don’t forget to check out his Instagram account that is simply one of those accounts that you have to follow just for the constantly clean and stylish visuals.

Alicia Fashionista


Alicia started her blog as a personal outlet at first, but it has evolved into being one of the most respected blogs on the Vancouver fashion scene. In addition to a regular staple of blog posts about stylish looks and outfits, Alicia goes out of her way to create useful posts like 6 Wedding Hair Ideas.

The August Diaries


Helmed by Jill Lansky, The August Diaries is one of the most quoted and press featured blogs in Vancouver. Appearances in publications such as InStyle, People, Vanity Fair and CTV News amongst others have solidified Jill as one of only a handful of Vancouver fashion bloggers to reach a large international audience. One of my favourite things about The August Diaries is that despite her large audience, Jill is not afraid to look back at her fashion faux pas.

The Starving Stylist


It’s hard for me to describe Peter Ty better than he does himself which should give you a good idea of what his style blog is about: “A handbag carrying guy with a personal style blog who believes that good shoes will always take you to good places”.

A Fashion Love Affair


Cara McLeay’s A Fashion Love Affair is what you get when you combine the passion for style and travel and roll it up into an often-updated blog. Cara has contributed to or been featured by more than 100 media outlets, and it shows, just check out her Instagram follower count, wow!

The Anthology


The Anthology is run by Vancouver-based writer Kelsey Dundon and is a celebration of all things beautiful, including fashion, design, travel, and the arts. Dubbed as “Vancouver’s favourite fashionista” with her multiple local TV appearances, Kelsey has become a mainstay of the Vancouver fashion scene.