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Say Goodbye Large Pores, See You Never! Here’s How

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Erase Large Pores Vancouver Laser Clinic

As a Vancouver laser and skin care clinic, one of the most common questions we get asked is, “How do I get rid of my large pores?” or “How do I shrink my large pores?” and while you can’t technically shrink pores since they have no muscle to contract or relax, they do get bigger and we can make them smaller. How you ask? Well, there are a number of ways ranging from products to treatments but today we’re going to talk about our favorite pore-vanishing duo: Laser Genesis and ZOⓇ Skin Health’s new Instant Pore Refiner.

First, What are Pores and Why do They Become Enlarged?

If you remember our blog post on anti-aging skin care, you’ll remember the science of aging and the various extrinsic and intrinsic aging factors. Enlarged pores leave the skin vulnerable to intrusion by many extrinsic factors such as environmental pollution, which can have harmful effects on the skin and further contribute to the signs of premature aging. Several facets of enlarged pores have been studied and it generally comes down to three main causes: Oily skin, age and gender.

  • Oily Skin: Inside of our skin, we have pores and inside of those pores, we have a gland called our sebaceous gland that is responsible for producing oil and contributing to our acid mantle, which protects the skin. Some people have oilier skin and tend to have larger pores as a result. This happens because when oil and dirt collect in your skin, the pore becomes inflamed and swells, causing it to look bigger.
  • Age: As we age, we lose collagen and elastin and our skin isn’t able to hold itself up the way it used to. This can also make pores look larger. Sun damage typically accumulates with age (the older we are, the more we’ve been exposed to the sun) and it also affects the appearance of pores. It makes the skin thicken, causing cells to collect around the edges of your pores, stretching them out.
  • Gender: In general, men usually have larger pores than women. However, women might experience large pores more often during hormonal changes, particularly during menstruation.

Genetic predisposition can also be a contributing factor to pore size. If one or both of your parents have large pores, you can also have or eventually experience a similar condition. Even stress can play a role in enlarged pores due to imbalances and fluctuations in cortisol levels.

ZOⓇ Instant Pore Refiner Shrinks Large Pores

All of that kind of seems like we’re saying pores are here for good but that’s not the case at all! There are so many things we can do to address pore size and our new favourite is the ZO Instant Pore Refiner. Sounds too good to be true, right? Thankfully, nope. This lightweight serum is clinically proven to minimize the appearance of pores. In fact:

  • 84% of patients showed a reduction in pore size in just one week and after four weeks, 78% showed overall improvement in skin texture and on average 14% saw a reduction in the production of surface oil.
  • Immediately after application, 84% of patients stated their skin was instantly mattified. After one week of use, 97% of patients noticed a decreased amount of visible pores and 87% agreed that the skin appeared and felt healthier and younger looking.

Zo instant pore refiner shrinks large pores We won’t lie, when this dream product dropped we too were skeptical of these claims but give us even a second and we’ll go on and on and on about how amazing Pore Refiner is. You’ll notice the difference in your skin even the next day. The three magic ingredients in this product are:

  • Rosa Canina Fruit Extract – It helps to balance oily skin and minimize the amount of oil on the surface of the skin for a matte, shine-free appearance. It also reduces the appearance of pore size and visible imperfections on the skin.
  • Salicyloyl Phytosphingosine – This ingredient works to exfoliate dead skin cells around pores, helping to prevent congestion. Unclogged pores look smaller and less deep for a more even, smooth skin tone and youthful looking complexion.
  • ZO-RRS + ZOX – These exclusive anti-inflammatory and antioxidant complexes aid in the defense against harmful extrinsic factors–specifically pollutants. These factors can result in the appearance of skin inflammation and redness and expose the skin to free radical damage, which can further contribute to visible signs of premature aging.

The first step to achieving healthy skin is ZO’s Getting Skin Ready program (a simple system of cleanse, exfoliate and tone). Next, add Instant Pore Refiner to refine pores, minimize shine and smooth skin texture. And the best bonus of all is that it’s packed with anti-aging benefits too. What more could you want from a product?!

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Let’s Top Things Off With Laser Genesis

Now, whether you’re looking for a pick-me-up refresher for your skin or a complete overhaul, Laser Genesis packs a powerful punch full of rejuvenation. Laser Genesis is the commercial name for the Nd: YAG Laser. The Nd: YAG has a whole host of uses from zapping spider veins to hair removal and everything in between.

Laser Genesis works by triggering your body’s natural healing response to achieve the results you’ve always dreamed of. It can alleviate facial redness, fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, rough skin texture, acne and acne scarring, surgery scars, trauma or burns and rosacea. It’s most commonly used to treat these concerns on the face, neck, shoulders, back and chest. The treatment has, however, been tested and proven to eliminate scars on most parts of the body.

The overall theory behind Laser Genesis is that our body’s internal temperature is roughly 36 degrees and all we’re doing is gently heating it up anywhere from 39 to 41 degrees. The laser does this by delivering micro-pulses of photon energy (light and heat) with a wavelength that warms the dermis, thereby killing the bacteria that causes acne and activating a controlled cell death. It sounds awful, we know. But it’s really actually quite relaxing!

Because we’re targeting the dermal layer of the skin, we’re able to stimulate the growth of new cells and increase the production of collagen. which then helps to shrink large pores on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. It’s by this same process that Laser Genesis works to smooth out fine lines, even rough texture and fade scars.

While the results are subtle at first, they get better and better with time (even after your series of treatments) as increasing collagen levels promote the growth of new, beautiful and smooth skin. The benefits of treatment continue to compound as the number of treatments increases since this isn’t a one-off procedure. The average person or condition might require four to six treatments before they’ll see optimal results. However, it can go all the way up to 10 to 12 treatments in more severe cases.

Shrink large pores laser genesis vancouverAre you having a hard time focusing after we said the whole “cell death” thing? We’re not kidding about the relaxing part. We start out with a calming facial cleanse and massage followed by a quick pass of microdermabrasion to slough off the built-up dead skin cells on the outermost layer. Then, we section your skin and use a thermometer gun throughout the treatment to track your internal temperature. There’s no guessing game here! Sometimes you might experience a bit of a tingling sensation for a few minutes after the treatment but that’s a good sign. It means we’ve stimulated the right amount of blood flow and circulation to heal your skin from the inside.

As far as when you can see the results, that usually takes anywhere from three to nine weeks after the first treatment. Since this treatment is targeting cells deep inside the skin, the new, repaired and rejuvenated skin cells will take a bit to reach the skin surface. When they do, you’ll be in love! It’s the most rewarding game of patience!

Since we add microdermabrasion into this treatment as well, some results will be immediate. You’ll notice a healthier, more radiant glow just days after your treatment. Always remember too, that this treatment is cumulative. In other words, it’s gift that keeps on giving. With each treatment, we’re amping things up and building off the last. It’s important to note that other lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise and your homecare routine can help or hinder your progress. Think of it like if you were to exercise every single day but then ate fast food for each meal. This is where ZO and naturopathic dermatology come in!

If you’re ready to give yourself or a loved one the ultimate gift of poreless skin in 2018, you know just where to turn. At NuAGE, we carry ZO products, including Instant Pore Refiner, and offer Laser Genesis treatments to whip your skin into shape.

Call now for your complimentary consultation with one of our experts and let us shrink those large pores!











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