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Girl Loves Gloss Visits NuAGE Laser

By September 15, 2016 No Comments

Girl Loves Gloss Visits NuAGE Laser

Vancouver beauty blogger, Jaime, recently visited NuAge Laser to try our Laser Hair Removal Treatment. Jaime shared her experience with the NuAge staff as well as her Laser Hair Removal Treatment on her blog, Girl Loves Gloss.

“When I got to my consultation with Ellie, the first thing I mentioned to her was that I am a total wimp when it comes to pain. She nodded and smiled and assured me that she would take good care of me, and she certainly has. Right from the moment I sat down, she got out her iPad and drew a diagram of how the hair on our body grows, how lasers penetrate the hair shaft to the follicle and over time, destroy the follicle so no more hair grows. She also explained that laser technology has grown immensely in the last decade, now with four types of devices (IPL, Diode, Alexandrite and Nd:YAG) and that NuAge actually has a medical grade system that has all FOUR types of devices. While some may have had very painful laser experiences in the past, it was likely due to one type of laser being used for a multitude of treatments.”

Read her full review on her NuAge experience!

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