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Foundation That’s Good for the Skin

By November 17, 2012Beauty & the Blog
Foundation Brush Image

Why use pharmaceutical grade foundations for everyday wear?

1st off- They are mostly minerals = Natural Sun Protection (SPF 15-20)
They reflect UV rays = the ultimate sun protection
2nd- The particles are large enough that they cannot embed into the skin = No congestion
3rd- Believe it or not they have GREAT coverage if applied with a sponge and have antibacterial properties
4th- The particles overlap like fish gills = the skin looks smoother and more radiant without looking cakey

Skin care, makeup and sunblock in one!

If I had to pick one product that I absolutely cannot live without it would have to be Jane Iredale’s Mineral powder because it’s my skin care, foundation and sun protection.

Photo by Natasia Causse

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