Don’t let your skin define you

Cosmetic tattooing has taken the beauty industry by storm and has given many of us the convenience and confidence to be our best selves. However, some are not so lucky and might be facing the world with less-than-perfect brows. Ready to undo a bad brow job? Say goodbye to your regrets and hello to the revolutionary Tattoff™ Non-Laser Tattoo Removal.
Self expression is a wonderful thing, but so is the ability to change your mind. Unfortunately most laser tattoo removal systems have not been able to offer this freedom so effectively when it comes to cosmetic tattoos due to the unique ink used for these procedures.

Quick, Effective & Precise All-Colour Tattoo Removal

All types of tattoos can be removed, including whole tattoos, parts of tattoos (clearing an area of a tattoo “oops”, disguising a previous solid colour or linework or allowing a reworking of an existing piece), and it can safely remove cosmetic tattoos from the eyebrows without disrupting natural hair growth. DP Tattoff™ removes ALL COLOURS, is effective on most skin types and is quick, safe, affordable and largely pain-free. The average sized cosmetic tattoo requires between 3-5 sessions, but this depends on a variety of factors including skin type, age of the tattoo, age of the candidate, amount of pigment, application method and history of other removal attempts.

DP Tattoff™ offers a non-laser and non-thermolytic technology which removes all tattoo inks. A specialised lactic acid “activator” is gently infused in the depth of unwanted ink deposits. Subsequent micro-trauma cascades a regenerative response forming a scab that physically draws the tattoo pigment to the surface. Once the scab falls off, so does the unwanted colour. This technique of tattoo removal reduces the risk of toxicity, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and hypertrophic scars associated with other removal methods. This treatment can be done on cosmetic tattoos done both manually and by machine.

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How does Tattoff Tattoo Removal work?

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What is DP Tattoff™ Non-Laser Tattoo Removal?

A: Tattoff™ is an extension of our advanced microneedling technology, where a specialised disposable needle cartridge is used to gently infuse lactic acid into the dermis to break apart and denature tattoo pigment. 

How does DP Tattoff™ work?

A: Once the lactic acid has been infused beneath the surface of the skin, it denatures the tattoo pigment and causes it to gently rise to the surface of the skin. A scab will form over the area treated, and once the scab sloughs off naturally, the ink will be gone.

What is the benefit to Tattoff™ compared to traditional tattoo removal?

A: There are many benefits to choosing DP Tattoff™ over traditional tattoo removal, with the biggest being that fewer treatments are required and it is able to treat all pigments, unlike laser which can struggle with lighter inks.

Clients with dark or tanned skin would generally have a harder time with laser tattoo removal, as the laser would have to work harder to focus on the pigment being removed. Scarring can often form during the tattooing process as well, which can make laser removal difficult as pigment can become “trapped” beneath scar tissue.

How many sessions are required for tattoo removal?

A: Number of sessions can vary based on a number of factors including: age of the tattoo, size, placement, depth of ink (if it was done professionally or not), scarring, and lifestyle habits that could affect or slow the body’s natural healing response.

For a better idea of how many sessions you may require, we recommend coming in for a complimentary consultation with one of our experts.

Is tattoo removal painful? What can I expect during my treatment?

A: Some discomfort can be expected with DP Tattoff™ tattoo removal, however the procedure is significantly less painful than traditional removal methods. We are able to utilize a clinical strength numbing cream prior to treatment, making it virtually painless.

What is the downtime associated with tattoo removal?

A: Downtime can vary person-to-person, but on average 7-10 days of “downtime” can be expected following the treatment. Shortly after your treatment a scab will form over the treated area. After a few days this scab will slough off and the ink will fall away with it. During that period it will feel like any healing wound: itchy, tight and dry. It it best to keep the area clean and free of product (our body knows what to do) for the best result.