Permanent Makeup

Can you imagine always looking your best when you wake up? Imagine automatically having refreshed eyes, no matter how long of Beauty Sleep you actually had? Or, what about not having to worry about your weekly appointment to the waxing salon, but always having perfect brows?

This ideal world is available at the palm of your hands.

Permanent Makeup

Years ago permanent makeup was shunned as the appearance of permanent makeup was too heavy and unnatural. Today’s trendsetting cosmetic tattoo artists help achieve a more natural and subtle definition. All applications are customized with long lasting results.

Permanent makeup is the art of depositing small (and precisely placed) molecules of pigment directly into the basal layer of the skin.

Permanent makeup is intended to be a base and not a substitute for topical makeup. Through permanent definition and color, permanent makeup further enhances your look according to your own preference.

Permanent makeup with long lasting results that will let you look your best no matter if it’s morning, noon, and night.

NuAGE Makeup has a senior tattoo artist on staff that will help you achieve subtle yet defined brows, eyes and lip. With over 15 years of experience, NuAGE’s permanent makeup tattoo artist will have you looking your absolute best!

Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows

Includes complimentary consultation, after care and one touch up application.

Professionally shaped brows can instantly give you a more youthful “rested appearance”.

Beautiful and expertly shaped brows, customized in conjunction with your bone structure, provide an uplifting and refreshed appearance to the entire eye area. Worry no more about having to schedule a brow waxing appointment, or about the sight of unruly eyebrows.

Cosmetic dermatologists use Botox and other injectable fillers to achieve similar. These results are temporary and need to be maintained.

Permanent Makeup can enhance your expression naturally for years to come.

Brows too light or too sparse?

Permanent makeup can allow you to have the brows you want! This will eliminate the need for costly eyebrow enhancement kits, additional makeup, and overall saving time in your daily routine.

Permanent Makeup for Eyeliner

Includes complimentary consultation, after care and one touch up application.Permanent makeup | Vancouver |makeup tattoo

Permanent makeup does away with messy smudging and smearing of pencils and liquid liners; not to mention the stress of trying to achieve perfect application.

Customized permanent eyeliner (either subtle or dramatic) will accentuate your eye color and shape. It beautifies your eyes by providing depth, definition, color and the illusion of fuller lashes. Feel like you’ve stepped out of a professional makeup artist’s chair every day.

Permanent Makeup for Lip liner

Includes complimentary consultation, after care and one touch up application.

Do you have misshapen, colorless, or shrinking lips? What about lips with little definition? Permanent Makeup can address these concerns.

With soft definition and either a natural color or a flattering color of your choice, your lips will once again be the beautiful full lips of your youth.