Peel away the imperfections.

Refresh, renew and detox with a chemical peel. This facial has an added disinfecting attribute and offers powerful exfoliation with a chemical exfoliant. Glycolic acid removes the surface buildup of dead skin cells and addresses the problems that lie within the deeper layers of skin. Get ready to make some serious first impressions because our peels stimulate cell renewal and re-texturize skin in the process.

Cure breakouts from the inside out.

A chemical peel is the ideal corrective treatment for those with acneic skin types or people that get occasional breakouts. It also visibly reduces fine lines and sun damage, evens skin tone, minimizes pores and leaves you with a smooth, fresh, bright complexion.

Woman's face before chemical peel treatment
Woman's face after chemical peel treatment

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

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What are chemical peels?

A: Chemical peels involve applying a solution to the skin that removes the build-up of dead skin cells on the surface to reveal a clear, youthful, even complexion. It’s a non-invasive and painless way to increase the production of collagen. Your skin will be tighter, more hydrated and smoother.

What are the risks associated with chemical peels?

A: The name sounds daunting, but chemical peels are safe. Possible complications are temporary and typically mild and include discomfort, reddening and increased sensitivity to sunlight.

I want to make sure the effects of the chemical peel last! What are post-chemical peel care instructions?

A: It should be a given but sun protection is absolutely mandatory, particularly since skin is rejuvenating and producing new skin cells after the peel. Protect it with a minimum of SPF 30. If possible, don’t wear makeup until the following morning. This will let your refreshed skin heal and breathe. Your NuAGE skin care technician will tell you everything you need to know and suggest a home skin care regimen to ensure you get maximum results that last.

How many chemical peel treatments will I need?

A: The number of treatments varies from person to person and it depends on the purpose of the treatment and the condition being addressed. In general, when used for corrective reasons, most people need four to five treatments spaced approximately one to four weeks apart. For maintenance programs or anti-aging remedies, peels are usually scheduled every 28 days or so.

Should I expect any side effects, such as peeling, after the chemical peel? How long does this last?

A: This depends on your skin type and the depth of the peel. Some patients peel, while others don’t. It’s possible you could experience peeling two to four days after the procedure. This may last up to five days. There is no downtime, however, after this treatment.

What do chemical peels feel like? Do they hurt?

A: During the treatment you may experience mild tingling, itching or stinging. This only lasts for about five minutes and we promise it’s totally tolerable.