Whole-Body Anti-Aging Guide

By January 15, 2014Beauty & the Blog
Anti-Aging Guide

Dr. Oz has your whole body anti-aging guide for the New Year! Learn the simple things you can do today to look younger tomorrow.

Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide (found in skin care products)  used for diminishing wrinkles

Bearberry (found in skin care products) – to rid of dark spots/sunspots

Epson Salt the ultimate body anti-ageing must have, these baths help reduce inflammation and even can take inches off your waist line!

Lipowheat (pills) helps improve skin hydration and lock in moisture

Collagen (pills)  boosts hair, nail and collagen growth

Antioxidant (found in skin care products and pills) used to prevent skin deterioration


Click Here for more in-depth information on all these product and how they work!


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